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VP Photography are full time professional photographers based in Beaconsfield and offer an impressive range of commercial photographic services, from house, building and property photography for estate and letting agents, building companies and hotels, event venues and the serviced apartment sector. With their extensive expertise in working in many different environments, lighting conditions and different sizes and spaces, getting the right image is more often guaranteed with a professional photography company like this.

With the many years of experience, excellent retouching skills and an ability to visualize and even decorate great shots, a skill that good photographers would only understand, especially as the camera is only a mechanical tool, the understanding of light and composition being the most important elements to great photography.

Purdy070 AM004slice AM012 EVP_0160 P012 Paul VPM004 Int_Orchard003 Int_Orchard002 Int_Orchard001 EVP_0345 IMG_0006 - 2013-06-20 at 11-23-05 Deadline_group Event Photo EVP-3533-1